Pastor Gardner Eakins

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    Gardner Eakins is the son of a pastor.  He has a Godly mother and two older sisters.  He often jokes that God knew he was going to need all the help that he could get.  Gardner and his wife, Laura celebrated 10 years of marriage in March of 2016.  They both work more than full-time as teachers and coaches.  They enjoy spending with their students and helping them to get to know Jesus Christ whether that involves inviting them to church or just trying to show the love of Christ in their actions. 

    When not teaching, coaching, preparing sermons, or preparing Bible studies, Gardner enjoys fishing and golfing.  Even though he is bi-vocational, he still finds time to visit with many people in our community who are sick as well as offer counseling sessions.

    As a teen, Gardner said he had no intentions of being a pastor, but God had other plans.  Gardner and Laura have certainly been a blessing to our church and they will both tell you that our church has been a blessing to them.